MKE, Week 5..The Journey continues

This week was full of new experiences..I can honestly say that I can really feel changes in the way I react to situations.  I remember that in the past when things happened to me via outside sources that I would get terribly upset and it effected my entire disposition.  I would seek revenge, but not the type to physically hurt people.  It would be the get even type.  I never really knew the true cost if this mentally or physically for me, I would just react.  I am not sure if this has happened to you if you are reading this.   It is very liberating to be able to control your mind and body so you no longer feel this way!

I was at the pool yesterday with my amazing wife and here sister.  My wife is rehabbing from back surgery in Sept and is not able to get back in the water.  She is a swimming instructor and it has been very frustrating for her not to be active.   I told her to be patient and trust the process.   That brings me to my break-through for this week.   My dear wife is an amazing teacher!  She has always been, ad still working on me about relaxing in the pool and floating.  The funny thing is that my lower torso seems to sink every  Yesterday, to prevent this, I put my feet on the ledge and lay on my back to relax.  I was doing fairly well with this.  But still my body seemed low in the water.  I could feel the water on my face and getting closer to my nose.  My head bobbing up and down, the water creeping up and down the side of my face.  I keep having the urge to jump up so the water would not go in my nose!  But I kept hearing this was Mark J saying, “Relax, just trust the process!”    So I take that into the course ahead as we continue this amazing journey!!

Peace be the Journey!!


Week 4 of the MKE!

This was an extremely busy week and I am finding the mental toughness to break through self imposed barriers!!  Often we stop ourselves from accomplishing things in our lives because of self imposed limiting beliefs.  Why self imposed you say?  We know that throughout our lives we come in contact with many people, places and things..  But it is us that enables those things to “create” us.  We allow our “Subby” to be molded, and not always, in fact, most of the time NOT for the positive!   I am finding a lot if inner strength to override the past.  To address and correct limiting beliefs and ideas that have kept me from discovering and bringing out an amazing and wonderfully successful person.  I have truly learned that it is NEVER too late to find out who you really are and what you really want to do and accomplish in this life!!

Week 3..MKE, What I discovered!

Well, this was another week of discovery…It is amazing what we do on auto-pilot.  Our past habits act like an auto-pilot GPS.  Have you ever been driving, say like to your favorite store, hangout or going home and you get there and you realize that you never thought about how to get there?  You may even sit and wonder how you got there, because you do not remember certain portions of the drive?  Well, our blueprints act the same way.  We just go about our lives and like on auto-pilot or like a robot we continually do the same things over and over time and again.   But think for a moment..are those robotic actions really serving us to our best interest?  What if we had received and allowed ourselves to accept improper/bad/faulty programming??   We are a compound result of all our past actions.  They have taken us exactly where we are today, regardless if this is where we desired to be.  But we have an opportunity to change our wiring to redirect ourselves to a new and better place.  I am in the process of doing that now with this MKE program. It is not easy at the start and I am fighting hard to make the new and amazing me.  To live on my terms by discovering who I truly am, without others telling me who I am or what I need to do.  More to come in the next few days!!!

Week 2! What I learned..MKE

Well…What a hectic week this has been!!!  I learned alot about myself and how not to quit when life hits you with uppercuts and right  Started the week great with the webinar and I received my feedback from my DMP from my mentor in this program.  A big shout out to Dr Derek Atchley for continued patience and guidance here.

One thing I am beginning to see and feel is a difference.  Many years ago I was introduced to the writings of Og Mandino.  I read “The Greatest Salesman in the World” but I never truly followed the reading correctly to build the habits.  This time I actually will not go to sleep without reading as required.  Not sure if my lovely wife really understands it all, but I will get up when I feel my self about to nod off and read the scroll!  And I can feel little, subtle changes in mood and attitude in other areas of life that are positive and moving me towards success!!  I can’t wait for next week as we continue to grow and learn more!!

Week 1! Mastermind Key Experience

Wow!  What a week this has been!  I got an invitation from Mark J to join something that will blow your mind!  Why, you say??  This is an amazing lesson in growth and discovering the real you!!  We often wonder why we undertake projects, businesses and courses in life with excitement and hope, only to have them never amount to anything.  Why does this happen?  Being accepted into this select group has opened my eyes!  This group and the “journey” we are undertaking is a very soul searching, life changing event!  I am excited and terrified at the same time because it is forcing me to dig deep inside myself and work hard to destroy the old blueprint that has lead to numerous failures.  I can actually hear Mark J speaking when I confront the inner dragon that tries to pull me away from success!  You can feel the old self being talked to by the dragon, “You don’t need to read, you don’t need to get on the webinar, watch TV, etc.”  I have to admit, it can be very tough to fight the old programming!  But I am noticing the that I am now recognizing when the old dragon/programming is attempting to have an effect on my actions and I am getting a little better each day in combating those destructive behaviors.

I will continue to post my progress weekly if not every few days and I sincerely hope my insight and observations can help someone out there that has been experiencing the same things in their journey to success.  My sincere hope is that everyone can reach their full potential and be successful in whatever they want to accomplish in life!